Will I be expected to make repairs before selling?

Will I be expected to make repairs before selling?

Our philosophy is to ask for repairs we anticipate the next buyer of the home will ask for. During the home inspection, we look for items that are broken, in poor condition, or can affect the safety, structure, or functionality of the home.

If any repairs are needed, don’t worry! You have options:

  1. One perk of working with Vesta is you can skip the hassle and pass the work on to us. We’ll deduct the costs from your proceeds and manage the repairs after closing. Our goal with repairs is to charge you only what we need to make the repair and to pass any discounts we receive on to you. The majority of our customers choose this option.

  2. Handle the repairs yourself.  You can choose to handle some or all of the repair items. Note, that some items require a licensed contractor and a follow-up inspection.

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