How it Works

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  1. Submit Your Property

    On the Get Your Offer page submit your contact information and your property details. The more information you are able to provide will help us come up with a more accurate offer!


2. Receive Your Vesta Offer

Soon after submitting your property information, one of our experienced specialists will be in touch with your all cash, no obligation offer. We’ll be happy to review the offer over the phone with you if you have any questions. Our main goal is to make sure the selling process is as simple as possible for you so we offer to pay almost all of your closing costs and we don’t ask you to pay for any commissions or fees. Selling to us means you’d net 10-15% more than if you sold the traditional way!

If you decide that you are happy with our offer you will be able to e-sign it immediately and we can move forward with the selling process. If you decide not to accept, that’s okay too! Since our offer isn’t binding you have the freedom to accept or reject our offer at your convenience.



3. Schedule Your Home Inspection

If you decide that you’re happy with our offer we will schedule your home inspection at your convenience. One of our inspectors will meet you at your home for a 30-60 minute inspection where they verify that the condition of your home matches the description that we based our offer on. You don’t need to clean your home or make any repairs for the inspection, we are happy to purchase it as-is.


4. Complete the Sale of Your Home

Once we have your inspection results back we will be ready to close. Depending on how you want to proceed we can close in as little as one week or we can extend the close of escrow to 60 days after you sign your offer. We’ll walk you through every step of the escrow process and our preferred relationships with escrow and title companies make selling to Vesta a breeze. If you ever have any questions at any point feel free to reach out to your dedicated Vesta representative or browse our FAQ page.